1. "Want to hear God’s voice? Read His word. Need direction? Read His word. Need love? Read His word. It will reveal truths, it will direct your path, it will comfort and fill you. The answers you seek, the intimacy you long for it’s all there."
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  3. glowing

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  5. Marina Nery by Pablo Estévez & Javier Belloso.

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  7. we are cool.

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    perspective is everything

    It took me like 16 tries to figure out what I was looking at.

    I’m not ready for this shit holy balls…


    Too high for this

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  9. "How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head."
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  10. Versace Magazine Fall 2002 Devon Aoki by Marilyn Minter

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  11. Anonymous said: But why don't you consider yourself a feminist? Everyone who believes in equality is practically a feminist i think. xx


    I believe in human rights for women, all women. A lot of content in the post has happened to me personally so I relate to it.

    However, I don’t believe in being a part of sect or a group of people. Feminism was used in America in the 1960’s or whatever to break the family unit and promote separation. (Generally a strong family = a healthier society with more core values.) All of a sudden women were going to work, and instead of a child being raised by their family/mom at home, now they were brought up by the state since preschool and subject to new ideas, peer groups, and the like.

    I’m not saying things should go back to the way they were in the 1950’s. It was a rather depressing time for women and they were highly repressed. But I do think that there should be choice, and balance. Where I live the choice for women is flexible, they can choose not to work and bring up a family, or if they have ambition they can pursue that as well!

    Also I think it’s technically incorrect to call yourself a feminist if you’re advocating racial rights for example (which is believing in equality) :~~)

  12. hahahah aww i love humanity forever.

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  13. tuscanystuff:

    I actually really like this ad campaign.

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    It’s 1am so I’m sorry for the people who won’t see this. But if you want confidence and don’t know how to get it, a really good way is to be confident in other people. When you walk into Starbucks, think, “damn, that barista’s hair is da bomb!” Or when you go to school, think, “my teacher is rocking that skirt!” When you start seeing everyone as being beautiful, at some point you realize that you’re everyone too.

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